At Southern Steel & Concrete Inc., Safety is not just a program that we have added on to our operations. Just as we are committed to erecting complex steel structures and meeting or beating the project schedule, safety is an integral part of everything we do. As an American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Certified Advanced Erector, safety is especially critical to our operations at Southern Steel & Concrete Inc.  Safety Excellence is Our Goal!

Safety is also important for our employees and our customers because Southern Steel & Concrete Inc. is involved in the erection of complex and difficult steel erection projects with difficult erection sequences and erection methods. To be successful on those projects, we must have an excellent safety record. Excellence in safety is not only good for our employees, but in today's work environment, it leads to lower costs not just for Southern Steel & Concrete Inc., but for our customers. From the ground up, safety is integrated into every project.

From our ironworkers, who are constantly trained in safety practices, to our foreman, who train, coach and constantly evaluate project safety performance, to our project managers, who work towards engineering out safety issues even before the project is bid or performed, to our president, who lead the entire safety effort. Excellence in safety performance is our goal on every project.

To support our team, on projects where the safety demands require it, we assign full time safety managers to constantly mange the safety effort and provide for the entire project team through training and consultation with project management, to engineer out safety issues and as a liaison with owner/ customer representatives to ensure a coordinated safety performance.